5 Best Hacks to Make Your Hunt Perfect


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Updated On December 28, 2023

Hunters are infamous for seizing any opportunity to test new tips and hacks that may give them an advantage in their game. Every hunter wants to improve their chances of bagging their game, whether hunting deer, squirrel, or elk.

To assist those hunters, this article compiles a list of some of the best hunting hacks our team has ever come across. Although not every hack will apply to every hunter, most hunters will be able to locate at least one helpful tip from the list below.

1. Practice with All Your Gear

This is crucial, especially for bowhunters. Wear thick gloves and a heavy coat when hunting, and do the same when practicing.

Your attire has a significant impact on how your release fits. Trying to figure this out while you’re after a buck is not a good idea. Get acclimated to the change ahead of time.

To make the hunting experience perfect and successful, use this hunting gear hack to find out how should a base layer fit before others. Archery and hunting stores are often crowded before and at the start of the season, and specific items are frequently out of stock. The frequent pre-season practice also allows you to assess the condition of all your equipment.

2. Upgrade Your Hunting Gear

By upgrading your hunting gears, you can increase your chances of spotting more prey and avoid overlapping with other hunters.

If you’ve been riding a mountain bike for commuting and scouting, you can consider switching to an e-bike to expand your range of ground cover and lessen your effort in pedaling the woods. Furthermore, while an ATV appears to be a robust transport and reconnaissance vehicle, it isn’t quiet. It can startle potential games, making it difficult to set up an optimal hunting site. When scouting and traveling across the wilderness, stealth is essential. You must remain unnoticed and avoid disturbing the animals on your hunting grounds. Finding a good hunting place is more accessible when the animals aren’t aware of your presence or detect too many unusual movements around them.

In addition, you must be physically capable of pursuing your target if necessary. You don’t want to be physically exhausted when setting up a hunting site. Not all hits result in quick kills, so you must track down your prey and deliver the killing blow if necessary. Being too exhausted to pursue will waste your chances of a kill, and another hunter or animal will take advantage of your missed quarry.

3. Use Technology to Your Advantage

One of the factors that contributed to our forefathers’ success as hunters was their deep understanding of the land and its surroundings. They can assess wind direction, forecast weather patterns, and employ effective camouflage to position themselves for cornering and capturing prey.

However, only a few modern hunters have been able to pass down their forefathers’ inherent hunting sense. Though, this does not imply that modern hunters are incapable of capturing animals. Hunters can benefit from technological advancements. GPS tracking and weather forecasting apps can assist hunters in obtaining a clearer image of the hunting grounds and the best times of day to hunt various types of animals.

Infrared cameras or laser-guided rifles or bows can assist you in improving your accuracy and range of vision in low-light situations. The weather can be unpredictable, and a sunny sky can quickly turn overcast, causing you to lose sight of your prey.

Having gadgets that can improve your vision can help you snap important photographs even in low-light conditions. Small changes in their surroundings, such as sunlight exposure, can cause animals to become restless and suspicious, so act before they try to flee or hide.

4. Stay in Shape

Hunting requires a lot of stamina and strength. You will sweat more if you are out of shape, and animals will scent you from a long distance away and flee before you can get near them.

Significantly, shooting the arrow forcefully and straight requires strength if you’re a bow hunter. Fortunately, there are numerous simple strategies to keep in shape. You’ll be glad you took the time to do this while hunting.

5. Adopt a New Weapon

Getting better at hunting entails becoming more adaptable with hunting weapons to catch a wider variety of prey. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone and employ a weapon appropriate for the job.

Crossbow technology has advanced significantly over the years. Some crossbows include range-finding sights to help hunters enhance their accuracy and range.

When you employ a robust and accurate crossbow, hunting medium to large-sized games from distances of up to 100 yards is no longer a near-impossible effort. Because there are no gunpowder remnants in the animals, your kills are cleaner than those from rifles.

Additionally, when hunting many animals, using a covert weapon like a crossbow instead of a gun allows for speedier setup time and following a new target.


As we have discovered, mastering the art of hunting is not easy; it will take a lot of preparation, time, and patience; however, the rewards will be plentiful if you follow these simple techniques.

Make sure you master the fundamentals, such as remaining silent, masking your scent, and learning to track. Use technology and get in touch with nature by analyzing the seasons and natural conditions to identify and hunt your target.

Good luck, and enjoy that well-earned roasting joint or fowl after your journey.

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