Vivica A. Fox Movies List: Must-Watch Filmography of the Actress ( Top 14 Movies )

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Vivica A Fox movies list
Vivica a Fox movies list

Hollywood has always been a melting point for cultures but there are a few people of color who have made it big through Hollywood and one such name is Vivica A. Fox. The actress started off with smaller roles and eventually got noticed for her talent and won over the audience with movies like Independence Day and Soul Food. 

She has made her mark as one of the most versatile black actresses in Hollywood and continues to thrive in the field. Taking a look at Vivica a Fox movies list you can get an idea about her acting prowess. She has not just limited herself to acting but has also ventured into TV hosting and producing over the past decade. Here are some of the best movies with Vivica Fox.

Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day
Rotten Tomatoes Rating68%
Release Date3 July 1996
Directed ByRoland Emmerich

On July 3, 1996, Roland Emmerich’s magnum opus Independence Day debuted to the world. This epic science fiction action film told a captivating narrative of an alien invasion and humanity’s fight for survival with its all-star cast of Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Mary McDonnell, Judd Hirsch Randy Quaid, and Vivica A Fox delivering unforgettable performances.

Showcasing the courage displayed by citizens in response to such overwhelming extraterrestrial force was what made this movie so remarkable. In the movie, Vivica A. Fox portrays Jasmine Dubrow, who is the former love interest of Will Smith’s character Steven Hiller. She is a stripper and a single parent when she and Hiller come together again during an extraterrestrial attack. This one is one the earliest on Vivica a Fox movies list. 

Soul Food (1997)

Soul Food
Rotten Tomatoes Rating82%
Release Date26 September 1997
Directed ByGeorge Tillman Jr.

George Tillman Jr.’s directorial celebrates African-American culture and family values as it delves into the themes of tradition, growth, and connection. It paints a powerful portrait of both familial love and individual strength that resonates with audiences to this day. Hence making it one of the most celebrated movies with Vivica Fox. 

The plot revolves around an African-American household from Chicago with their beloved matriarch Big Mama, played by Irma P. Hall. The movie makes for a delightful comedy-drama as Vivica A. Fox portrays Maxine Joseph, the eldest daughter of Big Mama. As a prestigious lawyer, she assumes leadership of her family after her mother’s passing and assists her siblings in overcoming their struggles.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1998)

Why Do Fools Fall in Love
Rotten Tomatoes Rating52%
Release Date28 August 1998
Directed ByGregory Nava

Why Do Fools Fall in Love is based on the real-life story of renowned doo-wop singer Frankie Lymon, played by Larenz Tate. The singer died at the young age of 25 and the movie follows the story that unfolded after his death. The young singer saw fame at a very tender age and it is claimed that he lost to drug addiction and other self-destructive habits. 

After his death, three women arrive at the entertainment court claiming to be his ex-wives and demand a share in his estate. The movie tries to be as raw as possible and portrays Frankie as a lovable singer apart from what he had to deal with in his personal life.  On this Vivica A. Fox movies list this one marks one of her most underrated works. 

Arkansas (2022)

Rotten Tomatoes Rating51%
Release Date5 May 2020
Directed ByClark Duke

Arkansas marks one of the most recent movies starring Liam Hemsworth. The movie is a neo-noir crime thriller and the plot revolves around Kyle and Swin played by Hemsworth and Clark Duke respectively. The plot feels well written with a lot of intricate detailing. The duo is assigned the job of delivering a batch of drugs but the simple task takes a dark turn when they try to earn some extra cash and take up another order. 

Fox stars as the character named Her, who arranges packages for Kyle and Swin to deliver. She did an excellent job as the mysterious drug dealer adding the much-needed depth to the character. The makers did an excellent job of creating a mysterious auro throughout the movie that will have you guessing what is in store for the duo.

Two Can Play That Game (2001)

Two Can Play That Game
Rotten Tomatoes Rating40%
Release Date7 September 2001
Directed ByMark Brown

The Mark Brown directorial is a heartwarming romantic comedy starring Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union, and Vivica A. Fox. The plot revolves around Shaun, played by Chestnut, and Shanté’s, played by Fox, love story. To preserve their connection alive they engage in playful games to rekindle their romance.

Shante is the kind of person who offers relationship advice to everyone and feels are thoughts are sorted when it comes to romance. But she has to face the reality of her own relationship and try to keep her man from walking away she starts facing the worst dilemmas of her life. On this Vivica a Fox movies list, Two Can Play That Game features her in the lead role and she impressed the audience with her witty and outgoing character.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Kill Bill Vol 1
Rotten Tomatoes Rating85%
Release Date10 October 2003
Directed ByQuentin Tarantino

The action-packed 2003 release stars Uma Thurman as the protagonist – a former assassin seeking revenge against her ex-partners and their leader, Bill, played by David Carradine. Joining the cast of this film are Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, and Vivica A. Fox. 

Fox stars in the movie as Vernita Green, otherwise known by her alias Copperhead, a member of Bill’s elite Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. She is an accomplished assassin who has transitioned from that life and taken on a new identity; however, the Bride never stops until she locates Copperhead for retribution.

Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Vol. 1 is a remarkable achievement in cinema, featuring stunning action set pieces, an unmistakable soundtrack that captivates audiences, and incredible performances from the entire cast. A movie that truly stands out among its peers.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

Kill Bill Vol 2
Rotten Tomatoes Rating84%
Release Date16  April 2004
Directed ByQuentin Tarantino

The love received by its predecessor ensured a sequel for Kill Bill and Kill Bill: Vol 2 was released in 2004. With more of what viewers loved in the first installment–intense drama and action sequences–the sequel is sure to keep audiences at the edge of their seats. 

Uma Thurman dazzled audiences as she reprised her character of Bride, continuing her revenge mission against former colleagues and their employer Bill. Fox, once again offers her best performance as Vernita Green aka copperhead and we can’t get enough of her in the action avatar.

Boat Trip (2002)

Boat Trip
Rotten Tomatoes Rating7%
Release Date1 March 2003
Directed ByMort Nathan

The 2002 release Boat Trip is a lighthearted film that will surely make you laugh out loud while tugging at your heartstrings! The movie stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as Jerry Robinson and Horatio Sanz as Nick Ragoni. The duo are best buddies and are struggling with their respective love lives. They decide to do something about it and plan a cruise trip where they can meet some single ladies. 

But chaos ensues when they are sent on an all-gay cruise. Fox plays the character of Felicia, Jerry’s ex-fiance who gets fed up with his careless acts. Boat Trip has been chastised for its offensive depictions of gay characters and crude comedy, yet it is still labeled as a comedic film that encompasses issues such as sexual orientation and cultural stereotypes. Of all the movies with Vivica Fox movies, she had limited screen time in Boat Trip. 

Juwanna Mann (2002)

Juwanna Mann
Rotten Tomatoes Rating10%
Release Date21 June 2002
Directed ByJesse Vaughan

Juwanna Mann is an uproarious, 2002 American sports-themed comedy movie starring Miguel  A. Nunez Jr. in the titular role. It follows Jamal Jeffries, a basketball star who is barred from the UBA for his indisciplined attitude. Desperate to keep playing basketball, he comes up with an ingenious plan and disguises himself as a female athlete by the name of Juwanna Mann to join the WUBA League (Women’s United Basketball Association).

But is it that easy to play a woman? Jamal soon realizes that the life of a woman is way more than what meets the eye. His disguised life becomes even more miserable when he falls for his teammate Michelle, played by Fox. Like most of the movies on this Vivica a Fox movies list, this one also follows a theme, that is, exploring gender identity and the culture of professional sports. 

The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time (2018)

The Last Sharknado Its About Time
Rotten Tomatoes Rating27%
Release Date9 August 2018
Directed ByAnthony C. Ferrante

The last released on the series of Sharknado is The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time. Like all its predecessors the movie revolves around a deadly emergency situation caused by a shark tornado. The movie might seem lame, especially with the below-average animation but guess that is part of the comedic theme followed by the franchise. 

When the first installment was released in 2013, it didn’t seem like it would become a franchise. But to our surprise, the franchise came up with five more movies after that. If you want to watch a movie where you can switch off your brain and indulge in some lame jokes and actions, this one might be for you. Out of all the movies on this Vivica a Fox movies list this might be the lamest.

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Independence Day Resurgence
Rotten Tomatoes Rating29%
Release Date20 June 2016
Directed ByRoland Emmerich

The 2016 release is the sequel to the 1996 release, Independence Day. The movie saw a comeback not just the actors but also director Ronald Emmerich. Although Will Smith opted out of the movie for some unknown reason, the audience assumed it did not match his superstardom image and hence the choice. The movie tried to keep the essence of the original movie but this time with even more deadly alien creatures. 

In The Hive (2012)

In The Hive
Rotten Tomatoes Rating78%
Release Date14 December 2012
Directed ByRobert Townsend

One of the movies with Vivica Fox with an inspirational storyline with intricate detailing on the emotional conscience of the characters. In The Hive stars Jonathan ‘Lil J’ Mc Daniel as Xtra, Michael Clarke Duncan as Mr Hollis, Loretta Devine as Mrs. Inez, and Vivica Fox as Billie. 

When Xtra gets a second chance at life, he decides to revive his life for the sake of his son’s future and his younger siblings who are dependent on him. He gets admitted to a school for the underprivileged kids called Hive where he has reliable elderly figures he can look up to. The movie did an excellent job of bringing out the emotional distress and trauma faced by people coming from broken families.  

Ella Enchanted (2004)

Ella Enchanted
Rotten Tomatoes Rating51%
Release Date9 April 2004
Directed ByTommy O’Haver

Starring one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Anne Hathaway, the musical fantasy comedy Ella Enchanted was released in 2004. The movie has a modern take on the classic tale of Cinderella, but this time Cinderella must protect herself and rely on her own intelligence. 

When Ella is born she is “blessed” with the gift of obedience. She obeys everyone who commands her to do anything. When she grows up she is constantly troubled due to the blessing but now she has to hide it from her new step-family or else it can cost the life of the town’s prince. Vivica a Fox movies list is filled with versatility. 

Kingdom Come (2001)

Kingdom Come
Rotten Tomatoes Rating27%
Release Date8 February 2001
Directed ByDoug McHenry

Kingdom Come is one of the award-winning movies with Vivica Fox. The comedy-drama film is a Doug McHenry directorial and is an absolute must-watch for fans of music and cinema. Featuring LL Cool J, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Vivica A. Fox. The plot revolves around the story of Ray Bud played by LL Cool J, an automotive salesman who returns to his hometown for his father’s funeral and is reunited with family and friends.

Kingdom Come has been regarded as a comedy-drama that touches on family dynamics, identity, and community. However, it received criticism for its lopsided tone, hackneyed script lines, and predictable usage of African-American characters’ stereotypes.


Vivica Fox has had a stellar career in Hollywood, showcasing her versatility by appearing in many different types of films. From action and science fiction to comedy and drama movies, she can do it all! Hope this Vivica a Fox movies list esteemed credits resonated with you and highlighted some truly remarkable performances from the beloved actress herself.

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