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the chosen season 4 release date
The Chosen Season 4

It might not be easy for a religious series or movie to survive among an audience with tastes like Wednesday and Sex Education. But The Chosen did not just survive but is winning at the game. Fans loved how the series portrayed the story of Christ from a never-seen-before perspective and made him a relatable character and are now eagerly waiting for The Chosen Season 4 release date.  Not to mention Jonathan Roumie’s incredible performance as Jesus which made the story a lot more convincing.

As soon as The Chosen Season 3 came to an end there have been many speculations regarding The Chosen Season 4 release date. So when is season 4 of The Chosen coming out? Has the production work started yet? And many more questions have been bothering the fans and we have got the answer to all your queries.

What Makes The Chosen So Special?

The Chosen Season 4 Release Date

Movies and series explaining the life and journey of Christ are nothing new and have been done for years now. But The Chosen brought out a new perspective with Jenkins’ creative mind. The director and writer is known for his creative take on stories that have been told for centuries in a monotonous manner.

Touching the subject of Christ and Christianity while trying to mold it into a never-seen-before light is not something everyone would dare to do. But Jenkins not only chose the subject but also excelled in connecting the audience with his way of thinking. He has mentioned in various interviews that he is trying to portray a relatable and authentic Jesus through the series.

Jenkins stated, “What I try to do in the show is I try to remove the veil that we sometimes have and just say, this is what it would have looked like first century.” If you have watched the series, you would know exactly what he has tried to do and you can’t help but fall in love with the idea of Jesus being one of us. 

The Chosen Season 4 Release Date

We are all aware of the writers’ strike going on and how it has affected the production of various other series like Yellowstone Season 5. But we have good news for all the viewers of The Chosen. The filming of The Chosen Season 4 has wrapped its production and was not affected much by the strike.

The main reason is that the production is fully financed by angel investors and crowdfunding. Dallas Jenkins, the director of the show, stated “The Chosen signed an interim agreement that allowed the cast to complete the final two weeks of filming in Utah.” We are hoping for The Chosen Season 4 to be released by the beginning of 2024

How Many Seasons Are There in The Chosen?

The Chosen Seasons

The Chosen Season 3 is the last aired season of the Jenkins directorial with The Chosen Season 4 almost ready to air. The official Twitter page of The Chosen hinted towards a total of seven seasons for the beloved series on Christ. 

While we don’t know what the future has in store for the series, judging by the performance so far and the fans’ eagerness for The Chosen Season 4 it has to be one of the successful franchises in the coming time. The series feels like a breath of fresh air and we hope the makers can continue with the creative streak. 

The Chosen Season 4 Cast

The Chosen Season 4 Cast

Actors have an integral part to play in the success of any series. While playing a character, especially one like Jesus, has its own risky elements Jonathan Roumie did not disappoint us a bit. The actor received wide appreciation for his portrayal of Jesus, and rightly so. Playing Jesus is not easy but what’s more difficult is playing a Jesus with a human side who has his own doubts and loves to crack jokes occasionally. 

His portrayal of Jesus feels raw and as an audience, it feels easy to connect to the character unlike the usual portrayal of Jesus who oozes nothing but divinity. No one could have nailed the character like Roumie and we can’t wait to see him with his disciples once again.

Apart from Jonathan, the whole cast has made the series pitch-perfect and deserves all the love and appreciation. As far as we know so far, the majority cast will be repeated for Chosen Season 4 as well along with a few new additions to the list.

Jonathan RoumieJesus
Elizabeth TabishMary Magdalene
Shahar IsaacSimon Peter
Paras PatelMatthew
Noah JamesAndrew
Shaan SharmaShmuel
George H. XanthisJohn
Yoshi BarrigasPhilip

How Many Episodes Will Be There in The Chosen Season 4?

The Chosen Season 4 Episodes

We are hoping The Chosen 4 release date will be soon announced with the information about its episodes. Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, if we look at the pattern followed in the past 3 seasons of The Chosen, each season comprised 8 episodes. Hence we are expecting The Chosen Season 4 to have 8 episodes as well. 

The Chosen Season 4 Expected Plot

With The Chosen Season 3 ending in chaos, we are expecting the storyline to get more intense. The makers have been tight-lipped about the plot of Season 4 The Chosen Director Dallas Jenkins stated “It doesn’t fit into one bible verse but there’s a lot of the disciples now really starting to wonder where is this going. There is a lot of finding your place and so much weight this season.”

Chosen Season 4 will witness the death of John the Baptist and hence Jesus’s fight against the religious opposition is likely to intensify. The loss is more personal to Jesus and we can’t wait to see how Jenkins’ creative mind will help Jesus to cope with loss. 

The Chosen Season 4 Trailer

Filming and production for The Chosen Season 4 has been done and dusted but we are still awaiting an official trailer. You can check out a few insider videos and live streams related to the series on the official YouTube page of The Chosen.

But if you haven’t yet watched the series here is the trailer for The Chosen Season 3 so you can get the essence of the show.


Jenkins is known for directing faith-based films and series with a new perspective. Though the idea feels a bit risky, he has successfully ventured into the path and the audience has loved the never-seen-before concept as it feels like a breath of fresh air. The Chosen is Jenkins’ latest project with The Chosen Season 4 awaiting. The project that follows the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus has been a hit among the audience and we are hoping the streak to continue.

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