The Boys Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

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Updated On October 9, 2023

the boys season 4 release date

For all The Boys fans, you might have to wait a bit more for The Boys Season 4 due to the WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike going on. The unfortunate strike has affected a few other series as well, like Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 and Yellowstone Season 5. We can just hope for the matters to settle down soon so we can have all our favorite series aired soon. 

Eric Kripke took to Twitter to make things clear for the fans and explained why The Boys Season 4 release date cannot be expected any time soon.

The Boys fans do not have to feel disheartened as the makers did come up with a spin-off titled Gen V, which is based on the comic book story of The Boys. You can enjoy the spin-off on Amazon Prime Video till an official release date for season 4 of The Boys is announced. Apart from some new additions to The Boys cast, we have some other information on the series, so let’s dive deep and unravel the suspense surrounding the series.

The Boys Season 4 Release Date: When Season 4 is Coming Out?

Since the production process is still on hold, no official release date for The Boys Season 4 has been announced yet. With a lot of speculations surrounding the series, Kripke made it clear that season 4 is sure to happen, and the release depends on how long the strike will last, as there is a lot of post-production involved.

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The Boys Season 4 Plot: What Can We Expect?

Since Kripke confirmed that a lot of post-production is still left for The Boys S4, the makers have been tight-lipped about the plot, and fairly so. But the last season indicated what we can expect from the upcoming season. With a lot of unexpected revelations in Season 3 of The Boys we are sure the streak is going to follow. 

Get ready to sympathize with the villains as their origin story might be revealed. During the promotion of another movie, Erin Moriarty revealed, “The characters that you thought would be villains, you start to learn a little bit more about them that perhaps makes you feel, not that they’re good guys, but that there are always gonna be details that you can never anticipate, that prevent you from putting that character in a box.”

We can expect to see more character development for Queen Maeve and more moments of Starlight with The Boys as the alliance is no longer a secret. The Boys are more determined than ever to take down the Supes but the challenge is not easy as the Supes now have the support from Victoria Neuman. It will be worth watching how Starlight can help The Boys in the mission. 

The Boys Season 4 Cast

Seems like The Boys family is only getting bigger as there have been indications of new names joining the list of The Boys cast for season 4 while all our favorites make a comeback.

Karl UrbanWilliam ‘Billy’ Butcher
Jack QuaidHugh ‘Hughie’ Campbell Jr.
Antony StarrHomelander
Erin MoriartyStarlight
Jessie T. UsherA-Train
Laz AlonsoMarvin T. ‘Mother’s’ Milk
Chace CrawfordThe Deep
Tomer CaponeFrenchie
Karen FukuharaKimiki Miyashiro
Colby MinifieAshley Barret
Claudia DoumitVictoria ‘Vic’ Neuman
Jensen AcklesBen
Cameron CrovettiRyan Butcher
Giancarlo EspositoStanford ‘Stan’ Edgar
Susan HeywardSister Sage (new Supes)
Valorie CurryFirecracker (new Supes)

Is the Boys Season 4 Finale Season?

There have been speculations if The Boys season 4 is going to be the end of the series but looks like The Boys gang is here to stay for quite a long. Fans can rejoice as Kripker confirmed that there is more to The Boys series beyond season 4. He took to Twitter to share the news and confirmed that Boys Season 4 won’t be the finale season.

How Many Episodes Are There in The Boys Season 4?

All the seasons of The Boys that have been aired yet have had 8 episodes and the same pattern will follow for The Boys Season 4. Kripke shared a tweet revealing the title of the first of season 4 The Boys.


The satirical superhero television series worked well with the unique plot and engaging storyline hence getting the viewers hooked to the series. We cannot wait for The Boys Season 4 release date so we can get back to our favorite characters. Till then stay tuned for updates on the series.

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