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austin powers movies
Austin Powers movies in order

When it comes to parodies, some classics left a mark in the hearts of the audience like the Scary Movies franchise and Austin Powers movies. If you are still in the Halloween hangover, then Austin Powers movies in order is the best choice to watch. Comedy movies might work just fine, but Austin Powers movie order will suit you much better for the Christmas holidays.

The Austin Powers franchise consists of just three movies which makes it an easier option to binge-watch without compromising on the comic element. It is not necessary to follow the Austin Powers movie order as you can enjoy the movies as standalone as well but it might be best if you follow the order. With Austin Power 4 still under development I have decided to get back in touch with Dr. Evil and reminisce about some good old days. And if you are a newbie who has never watched some old classics, this is your sign and this is where you start. 

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery
Rotten Tomatoes Rating73%
Release Date2 May 1997
Directed ByJay Roach

This is where it all started. When the world was busy diving into the world of spy movies like James Bond, Austin Powers made a mark with parodying the hit classics of the time. The plot begins with our protagonist Austin Powers waking up from a cryogenic sleep after he was frozen during the 60s. Obviously, he finds it hard to adjust in the 90s but what’s more challenging for him is the fact that his nemesis and the antagonist, Dr. Evil also wakes up at the same time and he has no intention of going back on his evil intentions even after decades. 

The first installment of the Austin Powers movie order was a commercial as well as critical success. Powers is shocked to find out that his once charming looks and fashion sense that once worked as a chic magnet are now considered outdated. What follows is a hilarious series of events with the perfect balance of action sequels. 

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me
Rotten Tomatoes Rating53%
Release Date8 June 1999
Directed ByJay Roach

After the success of the 1997 release, Jay Roach came up with a sequel titled Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me which marks the second Austin Powers movies in order. After facing defeat by Powers, Dr. Evil is in search of ways to make up for his defeat. Dr. Evil gets his hands on a time-travel machine that travels back in the 1960s and manages to steal all the charm and powers of Austin Powers (no pun intended).

The movie introduced a few new and iconic characters like Mini-Me played by Verne Troyer. This movie takes the hilarity to another level when Dr. Evil travels to the moon and takes the Earth hostage. The movie was once again loved by the audience for its parody take on the hit spy classics. 

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Austin Powers in Goldmember
Rotten Tomatoes Rating53%
Release Date22 July 2002
Directed ByJay Roach

The third and final release so far in the Austin Powers movies in order is the 2002 release Austin Powers in Goldmember. With most of the regular cast reappearing, the audience had high expectations from the audience. One major and the most exciting addition to the star cast was Beyoncé! 

After Dr. Evil is imprisoned he comes up with more plans to dominate the world with his evil powers. Like the previous movies, this one is also rated R for its sexual innuendo and crude humor. After watching the first two installments of Austin Powers movies, this one might feel like it’s lacking here and there but somehow still manages to give us a good time. 

Austin Powers 4 (TBA)

There have been speculations regarding the release of Austin Powers 4 after almost two decades. Years ago Mike Myers pointed toward his interest in coming back as one of the beloved villains, Dr. Evil. It will be exciting to watch what the franchise can offer after such a long hiatus and if the cast will make a comeback. 

This also feels like the perfect time for the release of Austin Powers 4 as spy movies have once again taken over the world of cinema and also because we have seen a few other franchises reviving themselves this year. Nothing regarding the release date of Austin Powers 4 or its plot has been confirmed yet but we are hoping to get introduced to some new characters like the son of Dr. Evil. 

Austin Powers Movie Franchise: What Makes It Special?

Looking at Austin Powers movies in order, the first installment was released in 1997 with the plot revolving around the titular character of Austin Powers. Austin will remind you of many cult classic spy characters like James Bond and Jason King. Though the franchise wrapped up pretty quickly with just three movies, it is worth going back and rewatching Austin Powers movies. 

Even if the movies were a parody of the classic hits, they managed to have a fan base of their own with a well-written and well-executed script. Austin Powers is one of the most loved classic franchises today and as a tribute we have listed all the Austin Powers movies in order of their release date so you can enjoy a convenient binge-watch session.


Austin Powers movie order has stood the test of time as it has earned a loyal fan base who are eager to welcome a sequel even after decades since the last release. The franchise did start as a parody take on the cult classic spy movies but successfully managed to be one of the most entertaining action comedy movies. 

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