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pink panther

A classic franchise that no one could ever forget about or get over with, no, I’m not talking about Star Trek or Sherlock Holmes, well, they’re classic too, but there’s one more. The Pink Panther movies, I bet you guessed it right, didn’t you? Nine classic movies with the perfect blend of comedy and mystery. These are considered to be one of the top Peter Sellers Movies in his entire career. 

Well, not just that, the movie franchise became so immensely popular in its time that it went into a cartoon creation with almost the same theme, and guess what? Even the cartoon adaptation was a massive success. So are you looking to dig a little deeper and get to know about all nine Pink Panther movies in order? If yes, you landed at the right place; here’s all you should know about the order of Pink Panther movies. 

The Pink Panther (1963)

The Pink Panther

Starting from the early 60s, the very first movie in Pink Panther movies in order featuring a genre of comedy and crime came. Back in the 60s, the movie was so hyped that it managed to accumulate a gross amount of $10,878,107 at the ticket counters and was even considered for ASCAP film and television music awards. 

The movie is about a notorious jewel king, and he is back with another robbery leaving his signature white glove at the scene of the crime. A seemingly expert in the area, Inspector Jacques is stuck with the case. The movie is available on any Amazon Prime Video network, mostly around the USA.

Cast of Pink Panther 1963:

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A Shot in the Dark, (1964)

Continuing its franchise, and after its massive success in 1963, the movie released its other part in the next year only. This time, Inspector Jacques is digging even deeper to locate the murderer. Now the murderer could be anyone in the Ballon household which comprises Benjamin and his wife, Madame Ballon. 

Intricate connections, extra-marital affairs, and relationships abound in this comedy suspense movie with lots of hilarious and shocking scenes while there’s a killer with a gun on the loose. Well, what’s there to find out is who killed whom, why they killed them, and when? 

Cast of A Shot in the Dark:

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Inspector Clouseau, (1968)

Inspector Clouseau

And here comes the third part of the Pink Panther movies in order. However, this one falls short of expectations as it was said that Peter Sellers was unable to reprise his role as the lead character. And not just Peter, it was Edward too who felt absent from the editor’s chair, which is why this one flopped. 

Nonetheless, the storyline is quite fascinating, and of course, the fans would love it even though the movie couldn’t manage to make as much as the previous parts did. In this part, the inspector gets drugged, seduced, framed, arrested, as the theme of the movie, almost gets murdered as well. But who is doing all this, and why? You have to find that out on your own. 

Inspector Clouseau Cast:

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The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)

The Return of the Pink Panther

Since the previous part quite destroyed the franchise, there should be something to prove that it is totally destroyed, which this 1975 released movie proved, certainly. With Blake Edwards back as the editor and Sellers proving his role once again, this one was a massive success with a huge comeback. 

The movie received positive reviews and over 83% rating on rotten tomatoes. The inspector is reinstated to his former position, but the promotion comes with a major task he handled once. But again, that’s something you will have to find out on your own. 

The Return of the Pink Panther cast:

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The Pink Panther Strikes Again, (1976)

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

One may not get an idea of what the movie is about and what’s going to happen next, but Inspector returning in his role once again is something worth watching. Plus, this time, he is back with bulls eyes on his back. 

The plot of the movie is determined three years after its previous part and continues from there only. This time, we get to know that the inspector’s life is not threatened by one but multiple people who wish to destroy his career as an inspector. Watch the inspector being on a very close call for his enemies. However, the Pink Panther character is not in the movie this time, and his character is shown in an animated form in the end. 

The Pink Pather Strikes Again Cast:

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Revenge of the Pink Panther, (1978)

Revenge of the Pink Panther

And here comes the sixth part of this ultimate franchise of comical suspense thriller movies. Unfortunately, this one is the last movie in which Peter Sellers starred while alive. 

Directed by none other than the editor himself, Blake Edwards, with Inspector Clouseau as the center of the movie with his comical yet brilliant dark crime solos. This action crime movie takes us to the highly complicated and unimaginably rough life of our very own Inspector Clouseau. But again, what exactly is in the movie is something you can only find out on your own while enjoying this exceptional franchise of movies. 

Revenge of the Pink Panther Cast:

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The Trail of Pink Panther, (1982)

The Trail of Pink Panther

Wait, the rail? Is the Pink Panther caught? Is this over? You think, but it’s not. It’s not that easy to get over with a character like him, is it? After the death of Peter Sellers, this was the very first Pink Panther movie released. However, you can still see him in the movie as there are some clips of him that they recorded before his death and compiled for the audience. 

However, this is also the first Pink Panther movie directed by Blake Edwards that flopped way too bad that its recovery was barely possible. The movie, this time, centers around Marie, who tries his best to find the lost Inspector Clouseau. 

But even after all this, we can conclude that after Seller’s demise, the creators made an attempt to keep the movie franchise alive somehow. 

The Trail of the Pink Panther Cast:

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The Curse of Pink Panther (1983)

The Curse of Pink Panther

After the demise of Seller, Pink Panther struggles to get back in the lane and give a performance. Well, what can anyone say? He was the lead character of the movie. 

The movie centers around Sergeant Clifton struggling to locate the Inspector after his disappearance while looking for the Pink Panther.  

The Curse of the Pink Panther Cast:

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Son of the Pink Panther, (1993)

Son of the Pink Panther

And here comes the last installment of the original Pink Panther franchise.  However, even though it’s the last one, it should have ended with a blast, but it received poor reviews and even a poorer box office performance. It can be concluded that with Seller’s death, the movie franchise died too. 

The movie revolves around Lugash’s crown princess, Yasmine, who gets abducted, and now she is nowhere to find with no trace. 

Son of the Pink Panther cast:

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The Pink Panther, 2006

the pink panther1

After 13 years, the Pink Panther movie was set in motion once again. By this time, Steve Martin was already one of the most loved comical characters, and his appearance in The Pink Panther gave life to its dead franchise. 

The movie also starred some other famous characters like Beyonce. And even though the movie received negative reviews, it smashed the box office by earning a gross total of $164 million worldwide. 

The Pink Panther 2006 Cast:

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The Pink Panther 2, 2009

the pink panther 2

The success of the previous one resulted in this sequel which was also a blast for Pink Panther fans. However, it couldn’t manage to make as much as the previous part, but it did manage to accumulate a gross of $76 million worldwide. 

The Pink Panther 2 Cast:

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