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Julia fox Movie List

Julia fox is an award-winning Italian-American actress and model. In the 2019 film Uncut Gems, where she made her acting debut, she was nominated for the Gotham Awards’ Breakthrough Actor Award.

In this blog, we are going to focus on Julia Fox movie list and her biography. We will also include information on awards and nominations she has received, and a filmography. So, stay tuned!

Julia Fox’s Biography

Julia Fox is an actress who has enjoyed a successful career in both film and television. She has starred in some of the most popular films of all time, and has been nominated for numerous awards.

To an American father and an Italian mother, Fox was born on February 2, 1990 in Milan. For a couple of her earliest years, she resided with her grandfather. She had a one-bedroom flat in Italy with her family. She came to New York City with her father when she was six years old, settling in Yorkville, Manhattan. When she was 14 years old, she spent a brief two years returning to Italy, but by then she had become tired of the clashing cultural contrasts. She held a variety of service positions, including those at a pastry shop, an ice cream parlour, and a shoe store. Fox worked as a dominatrix for six months when she was a student at City-As-School High School.

In November 2018, Fox wed private pilot Peter Artemiev; the couple later divorced. Fox made the announcement of her son’s birth on February 14, 2021 who was born on January 17, 2021.


With her friend Briana Andalore, Fox began her career as a fashion designer and together they established the popular women’s knitwear luxury business Franziska Fox. She has worked as a model, appearing in Playboy’s final naked issue in 2015, as well as an active painter and photographer. In 2015, she self-published Symptomatic of a Relationship Gone Bad: Heartburn/Nausea, and in 2016, she published PTSD. 

Whether you’re a fan of her work or not, it’s worth reading her biography to get to know this talented actress better.

Known For

Julia fox is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Her career has spanned over two decades, and she’s known for her roles in movies like Uncut Gems and No Sudden Move. Her latest movie, Puppet, is set to be released this year 2022 and is sure to be a hit. So, if you’re a fan of her work, make sure to check out the list above for all of her current movies and upcoming releases. You won’t regret it!

Julia Fox Movie List

Julia fox is one of the most popular actresses of our time. From her roles in some of the most popular movies of recent years, to romantic comedies to thrillers, there’s something for everyone on this list. Whether you’re a fan of her work or just want to catch up on some of the latest movies, make sure to check them out! Not sure where to start? No problem! Our list als0  includes the latest movies of Julia fox, with brief reviews and plot summaries. So, whether you’re a movie buff or just want to see what all the fuss is about, this list is for you!

Year Title Role Notes
2018 The Great American Mud Wrestle The Bride Short film
2019 Uncut Gems Julia De Fiore Feature film debut
2020 PVT Chat Scarlet  
Paradise Elle Short film
2021 No Sudden Move Vanessa Capelli  
2022 Puppet Julia Awaiting release
2023 The Trainer TBA Post-production

Awards and Nominations

In the 2019 Safdie brothers’ Netflix film Uncut Gems, Fox made her feature film debut in the role of Howard Ratner’s mistress, a mercurial jewellery dealer and gambling addict. After meeting Josh Safdie by coincidence in a café in Manhattan’s SoHo neighbourhood, Fox had been acquainted with the Safdie brothers for almost ten years. In the 2019 Gotham Awards, she was subsequently nominated for Breakthrough Actor.

She has been nominated for multiple awards, including a Chicago Film Critics Association and Toronto Film Critics Association. So if you’re looking for quality television that won’t disappoint.

Year Movie Award Category  
2019 Uncut Gems Chicago Film Critics Award Most Promising Performer  
Georgia Film Critics Award Breakthrough Award  
Gotham Awards Breakthrough Actor  
Toronto Film Critics Award Best Supporting Actress  


Julia Fox is an actor and writer who has been in the industry for many years. Her breakthrough role came in 2018 when she was cast as The Bride in The Great American Mud Wrestle . Since then, she has starred in several feature films and TV roles, most notably playing Julia De Fiore in the Uncut Gems (2019). In addition to her acting work, Fox is also a writer, and worked in music videos like JACKBOYS and Nothing Good, she has a lot to offer fans of film and television.

Fox also wrote and directed the 2021 short film Fantasy Girls, which is about a group of adolescent girls that engage in prostitution and live in Reno, Nevada. In Ben Hozie’s PVT Chat, she played the cam model Scarlet. On February 5, 2021, the movie became available to viewers in the United States. She appeared in No Sudden Move, which was made available in the US on July 1, 2021.

In the upcoming drama Puppet, which is scheduled for release in 2022, she will play the lead role. Additionally, Fox will play Hollywood hairstylist Carrie White in the upcoming movie Upper Cut, which is based on White’s autobiography. Fox was confirmed to star in the dark comedy The Trainer in March 2022 alongside Vito Schnabel, who also writes, Steven Van Zandt, and Tony Kaye.

Everyone loves a good movie, Tony Kaye’s dark comedy “The Trainer” is finally making its way to the big screen. Vito Schnabel, Julia Fox, and Steven Van Zandt will all appear in the movie. It’s obvious that “The Trainer” is somewhat of a passion project for the lead actor because the script was co-written by Schnabel and Jeff Solomon and was based on a narrative by Schnabel.

The story follows Jack, an unfortunate fitness trainer, over the course of eight days of “sleep-deprived chaos” (Schnabel). He decides to make one more serious attempt at fame and money since he is tired of living with his mother in Los Angeles. Early April will see the start of “The Trainer” filming’s in Los Angeles.


So, there you have it – our comprehensive list of the latest movies of Julia Fox! From award-winning movies to the latest releases, we’ve got you covered. In addition to this list, we’ve also included Julia fox’s biography and filmography to give you a better understanding of her work. Don’t forget to check out our list of related news to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings with Julia Fox. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we hope that you found it helpful!

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