10 Best Jenna Ortega Movies and TV Shows, From “Jane the Virgin” to “Wednesday”

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Updated On October 4, 2023


There’s an emerging actress whom we’ve been seeing for a while but this is when she’s finally getting the recognition and appreciation she deserves. You guessed it right, I’m talking about none other than Jenna Ortega, aka Wednesday. 

The show when released on Netflix passed the watch hours of most watched shows on Netflix; Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story and Stranger Things within the first month. So I’m pretty sure you are eager to watch more of her content and want to know everything about her works to date. So here’s a list of Best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows.

Jane the Virgin (2014-2019)

Jane the virgin

Another one of the major releases from Netflix. The show spanned over 100 episodes in total. Jenna appeared for some 30ish episodes and even so, she managed to show her spark and this is why this one made its place in this list. 

The character of Jenna is the younger version of the main character of the show; Jane. She certainly did so extremely well in portraying the past version of someone as no other actor could. 

IMDb Rating- 7.9Rotten Tomatoes- 100%

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Scream V (2022)

scream v

Starting from the best and indeed one of the best works of Jenna. Scream V is the fifth movie of the Scream movie franchise starring other Hollywood stars like Courtney Cox. The movie reunites the original film’s trio and just like the previous parts, the Ghostface continues to go after the victims related to the familial background just like in the previous parts. 

Jenna plays the role of Tara, the foremost victim of Ghost Face. After the attack, she survived and was admitted to a hospital where also she was attacked by him several times. Even though most of her time was in the hospital, she managed to shine and showed her remarkable performance.

IMDb Rating- 6.3Rotten Tomatoes- 76%

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You (2018- Present)


I bet most of the readers are already familiar with this one. You is one of the most watched shows on Netflix worldwide. But I bet most of you wouldn’t know that this series began on Lifetime, then it managed to get its place on Netflix. 

Jenna joined the show in season 2, she plays the character of Ellie, the neighbor of the dangerous psycho serial killer protagonist; Joe. However, Joe somehow kills Ellie’s elder sister, Ellie is still unknown about the fact that who did it.

IMDb Rating- 7.7Rotten Tomatoes- 92%

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Studio 666 (2022)

studio 666

Did you also witness Jenna Ortega become a modern-day scream queen in this or it’s just me? One can say that she had notable appearances in three different horror movies with totally different styles. 

The movie is about the stars moving to a horror mansion to record their new album and make it something no one has ever done. It might be a small role of her in the movie but she definitely made it worth watching and appreciable in all forms. 

IMDb Rating- 5.7Rotten Tomatoes- 55%

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American Carnage (2022)

American carnage

Another one of the best Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows we can witness is American Carnage. The movie might be often seen being compared to the movie Get Out, but that’s not really in a good way though. 

The movie is about how the governor of the state issues executives for an immediate arrest of the children of immigrants in the state and Jenna’s character is one of them. The movie covers one of the major topics dropping a significant message for all.

IMDb Rating- 5Rotten Tomatoes- 58%

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The Babysitter Killer Queen (2020)

the babysitter killer queen

Another one of Netflix’s most-watched and appreciated movies. Jenna already impressed her viewers with this one, the movie is the sequel to the 2017 movie. In this one, they added only a few aspects of the slasher scenes with respect to the original part. 

While the protagonist was all on his own in the previous part, this time he had a little help from Jenna’s character Phoebe who was a new student at his school. However, even though the reviews weren’t as sparkling as one may think, Jenna’s performance was much more commendable. 

IMDb Rating- 5.8Rotten Tomatoes- 46%

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The Fallout (2021)

the fallout

The movie certainly shows how talented and inspirational Jenna is. The movie portrays the real feelings of a person after having encountered a traumatic event. Before debuting on HBO Max, the movie premiered on South by Southwest. 

The movie is about a special bond between two girls after they both hide in the school washroom during a school shooting. Both the actresses did fantastic jobs. The movie might be a little hard to watch because of its sad background story but truly a masterpiece it is.

IMDb Rating- 7Rotten Tomatoes- 93%

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X (2022)


And here’s another amazing horror movie with Jenna’s perfection in it. This one dropped recently and certainly got positive reviews. The movie is directed by the horror genre expert; Ti West, so one can imagine what kind of blast this movie is going to be. 

The movie is about a group who rented a small house to make an adult movie only to be attacked by the owner of this house who initially claimed that his wife is sick but she’s certainly more than just sick. 

IMDb Rating- 6.6Rotten Tomatoes- 93%

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Scream VI (2023)

scream vi

And here we are to the latest part of this incredible movie franchise, once again starring Jenna Ortega and Courtney Cox in the lead with other stars from the previous part. 

This time, the movie takes place in New York City where Tara and her sister are looking for a way to forget their past and start fresh only till they are once again attacked by the ghost face.

IMDb Rating- 6.6Rotten Tomatoes- 76%

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Wednesday (2022)


Did you really think you won’t find this one on the list? This one is certainly one of the most watched from the list of Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows. Plus, after being the supporting characters in some major films and shows, Jenna finally starred in her own TV show. 

The show is about some supernatural powers that children possess at a school where normies, aka, humans with no powers aren’t allowed.

IMDb Rating- 8.1Rotten Tomatoes- 71%

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