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Updated On December 28, 2023

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It is impossible to talk about the most influential female actors in Hollywood and not mention Scarlett Johansson. The excellence of her work that we see today is the result of years of dedication and consistency. Johansson decided to be an actress at an early age and every step she has taken since then has led her to become one of the most famous Hollywood Actresses

Her recent Wes Anderson directorial Asteroid City has once again made her the talk of the town with her impressive work. Scarlett Johansson’s well-known role has to be her character of Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but if don’t know already, she is more than a Marvel star who has experimented and proved herself for years. Here is a list of the best Scarlett Johansson movies that are a testimonial to her acting prowess.

Ghost World (2001)

Ghost World

This cult comedy is from 2001 when a young Scarlett Johansson impressed the audience with her humorous character of Rebecca alongside Thors Birch’s Enid. The movie did not perform well at the box office but Johansson’s work did not go unnoticed within the industry. Ghost World is a coming-of-age movie that focuses on the lives of two friends who have to face the world after graduating from school.

Rebecca and Enid will make you feel relatable as they face the dilemma of life that almost all of us have come across after graduation. The question ‘What do we want to do in our lives?’ haunts me to date and Ghost World very well pulled off a whole movie based on it. Though the was released ages ago it will fit well even with today’s generation as the two outcasts step out into the world and learn from their own mistakes.

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 93%

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Lost in Translation (2003)

Lost in Translation

Still can’t process the fact that Johansson was just 19 when she delivered her best performance in Lost in Translation. She successfully made a mark and was noticed by everyone for her brilliant performance opposite Bill Murray giving a glimpse to the audience for what to expect from Scarlett Johansson movies. Lost in Translation is set in Tokyo, Japan, where two individuals despite their considerable age gap bond over their feelings of emptiness. 

Bob Harris, played by Murray, is an American superstar who is slowly fading away from the limelight and going through a mid-life crisis. He comes across Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson, a young Yale graduate struggling with her marriage and finding it hard to live in the new city. The movie focused on the friendship of Bob and Charlotte and how some bonds don’t last long yet have a lifelong effect on us.

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 95%

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Girl With a Pearl Earring (2003)

Girl With a Pearl Earring

The movie adaptation of Tracy Chevalior’s renowned novel established Johansson as a versatile actor as she stepped into the shoes of a 17th-century girl. Girl With a Pearl Earring is a famous painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The painting is that of a young maid who used to work at Vermeer’s house and the story follows what led the painter to pick her as his muse. 

Johansson carries the complex character effortlessly and the fact that her character has limited dialogue yet grabs the audience’s undivided attention speaks for her acting prowess. The 2003 release is one of the Scarlett Johansson movies that gave her a breakthrough in her career. She was nominated for the Golden Globe award and BAFTA award for the movie.

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 73%

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The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige

Christopher Nolan successfully presented a magical rivalry to the audience with The Prestige. The plot is about two magicians who end up being bloodthirsty rivals of each other due to some past circumstances. It’s interesting to watch how the story unravels. Apart from Johansson, the star cast includes Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Hall, and Michael Caine.

Johansson plays the character of Olivia who is sent to the rival camp for spying on their activities. When desperation for revenge crosses all the limits what is about to come is tragic and totally unexpected. 

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 77%

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Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008)

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Starring alongside Penelope Cruze during her initial days, Johansson made an impact on the screen. The former won an Oscar for her role in the movie, but let me tell you Johansson was equally good with her character of Christina. The movie could have easily slipped into the cliche allies but the small twists and the actors made it a masterpiece. 

The movie is about how two friends, Christina and Vicky, travel to Barcelona. But when they meet a painter who tries to seduce them, Christina gives in her desires unaware that his estranged wife is about to make a comeback. The plot is well-written and each character is provided with a logical explanation for their actions. The movie won a Golden Globe Award in the comedy genre.

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

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Under the Skin (2013)

Under the Skin

The movie did not receive the success it deserved at the time of release but has the potential to become a cult classic. Under the Skin is underrated but if you want to experience the brilliance of subtle powerful acting, Scarlett Johansson work in this one is the perfect example. 

The movie came up with a unique storyline of an alien disguised as a human and void of all emotions. The character of Laura feels safe in the hands of Johansson as she perfectly portrays the emotionless expressions that otherwise might feel blank. Laura observes humans and lures men to her world where they are used as mere meat but the longer she spends time with the humans she starts discovering herself. Her self-discovery might lead to some terrifying and tragic consequences. 

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 84%

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Her (2013)


What is an actor without their facial expressions? Well, this Scarlett Johansson movie will render you speechless as the actress left an impression on the audience with just her voice. Her is the kind of movie that will have you question technological inventions while also questioning human sanity. Despite being released a decade ago this one is still one of the best Scarlett Johansson movies. It’s not just the plot and the actors, but the cinematography, the dialogues, everything just adds up to the brilliance of this masterpiece.

The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a man struggling with his life due to his ongoing divorce procedures. The movie has undoubtedly one of Joaquin Phoenix’s most loved performances. When he comes across an AI system that helps keep humans company, he decides to give it a try.  He instantly finds himself drawn to the AI’s voice of Samantha who gives him a warm feeling and comforts him like no one else. But will the AI help him out when he struggles with his human emotions of attachment and love for Samantha?

IMDb Rating: 8/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 94%

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Chef (2014)


There is always more to food than what meets our eyes and taste buds. Chef is a comedy family entertainer starring Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, Emjay Anthony, Robert Downey Jr., and Scarlett Johansson. If you are in for a light-hearted movie framed around food, you are in for a treat. 

The movie is about an established chef, Carl Casper, who feels his creatives are restricted in the capitalist world and the frustration slowly starts seeping into his personal life. His ex-wife comes up with a suggestion for him, which is to open a food truck. Though initially skeptical about the idea Carl decides to give it a go and rediscovers himself and his lost passion.

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 87%

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Lucy (2014)


Scarlett Johansson has established herself as a bankable action heroine and Lucy is one such example. She plays the titular character who gets the superhero-like ability after a drug is injected into her body as part of a science experiment. When she realizes about her ability, she sets on a mission to fight against such laboratories and scientists who abuse people in the name of experimenting. Lucy marked one of the most successful movies of Scarlett Johansson at the box office. 

A sequel titled Lucy 2 is under process but the release date has not been confirmed yet.

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 66%

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Hail, Caesar! (2016)

Hail Caesar

Just when we thought what else Scarlett Johansson movies couldn’t surprise us anymore, she dropped this bomb. Hail, Caesar saw her in a never-seen-before slapstick comic avatar. The movie is set in 1950s Hollywood and hence has a glamorous touch to it. Johansson plays a fictional DeAna Moran who lives a dual life on and off screen. Her hilarious Brooklyn accent is contagious and adds to the character’s unusual shenanigans.

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 86%

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The Jungle Book (2016)

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is an integral part of everyone’s childhood no matter the generation. From comic books to animated movies, the story of Mowgli has never failed to impress the audience. While we are at Johansson’s skill for voice acting, The Jungle Book is yet another perfect example that showed off her skill as she voiced the giant snake named Kaa.

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 94%

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Isle of Dogs (2018)

Isle of Dogs

Another Wes Anderson masterpiece on this list of best Scarlett Johansson movies is the animated movie Isle of Dogs. Johansson has always proved her voice-acting powers time and again. The movie is about a boy who steps out to search for his dog who has been transferred to a trash land among all other dogs due to a canine flu pandemic. Johansson voiced the character of Nutmeg, another dog at the trash land. The movie is kid-friendly and is an emotional roller coaster with some cute moments that will make your heart melt.

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

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Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story

Movies like Marriage Story are proof of how Scarlett Johansson has constantly put efforts to not get limited to the tag of a Marvel star. As the name suggests, the movie is a marital drama and Johansson earned a lot of praise for her portrayal of a character with complex emotions. She was nominated for various prestigious awards including Academy Award, BAFTA, and Golden Globe Award. 

The actress played the character of Nicole opposite Adam Driver’s Charlie. The plot centers around their divorce and their struggle with their own individual lives. The movie is filled with scenes that portray the heavy emotions of an estranged relationship and how quickly things can go down the South. Marriage Story received much appreciation from the critics for its storyline and perfect star cast. 

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 95%

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Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Jojo Rabbit

The movie is set during the Nazi period in a fictional city. This Scarlett Johansson movie is filled with dark humor and takes a humorous stance on political war. Johansson played the supporting character of a mother and won over the audience and critics leading to BAFTA and SAG nominations. 

Jojo Rabbit is a Taika Watiti directorial and has a unique shade of storytelling. The plot revolves around Roman Griffin Davis’ titular character who is part of the Hitler Youth community. His mother Rossie, played by Johansson, has hidden secrets that she very well masks behind her homely lifestyle. The story quickly escalates when Jojo discovers that his mother had been hiding a Jewish girl in their home and he starts questioning his beliefs on what is wrong and right.

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

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Black Widow (2021)

Black Widow

Undoubtedly one of the characters that made Scarlett Johansson a household name internationally. Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow was first introduced in the Marvel Universe in 2010 with Iron Man 2. To better understand Scarlett Johansson work as Black Widow we recommend you watch all the Marvel movies in order

Black Widow explores the story of Natasha Romanoff and her bond with her sister and family. The movie was a long-awaited gift for all the Marvel fans who waited for Black Widow to get a separate movie of her own. It is safe to say that among all the Scar Jo movies this one is the most renowned internationally. 

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 79%

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Asteroid City (2023)

Asteroid City

Latest on this list of Scarlett Johansson movies is the most anticipated Wes Anderson directorial of the year, Asteroid City. The movie is your typical Wes Anderson masterpiece and if you enjoy his unique way of looking at the world this one will satiate your craving for a good movie. The star cast of Asteroid City includes Jason Schwartzman, ScarJo, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Jake Ryan, and Maya Hawke

Set in a futuristic version of the 1950s the plot revolves around a widower, Augie Steenbeck, who trying to cope with the death of his wife along with his children. Johansson’s character of Midge Campbell helps the family return to their track and later becomes the love interest of Augie. The movie is a cinematic masterpiece in every aspect and the actors add on to the overall charm of Wes Anderson’s aesthetics. 

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 79%

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This list of Scarlett Johansson movies is enough to justify her being one of the highest-paid actresses for two consecutive years. As someone who has often been praised for her beauty, she made sure to leave a mark with her talent and serve more than just good looks. Her calendar seems hectic with the upcoming movie North Star. Apart from acting, she is also busy being a voice actor for Transformers: One and The Jungle Book 2. 

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